The Importance of Printed Circuit Boards

You must be familiar with the printed circuited boards that are used for connecting electronic technologies electrically. You must have seen the circuit board, when any electrician has visited your place for repairing purposes. But, have you ever tried to know the importance of printed circuited boards. If you don’t know the benefits of printed circuited boards then let this article help you.

There was an Australian engineer named Paul Eisler, who took the effort to invent Printed Circuit Boards. It is also known as PCB and with the help of this circuit board you can easily connect the electronic devices or gadgets electronically. There is no such electronic device that you cannot construct by using printed circuited board. There are various devices or gadgets, which play because of the presence of this circuit board. For example, cellphones, battery-operated toys, music players, automobiles, computers, TVs and aircraft, all these make use of the PCBs. In short, this circuit board is used in various applications. It can be used in homes as well. Besides, this tool is available at reasonable rates.

The Importance of Printed Circuit Boards

It acts as an interface between the electronic device and electricity. Usually it comes with thickness like 1.6mm, 1.2mm or 1.0mm. They come either in double sided or single sided with copper clad board of 1 oz or 2 oz. There are various components that are used for manufacturing this PCB. Copper foil is used for building up the conducting layers. The dielectric insulating layers are laminated by using epoxy resin prepreg. Usually green colored solder masking is used but you get them in red or blue color as well. The dielectrics are selected depending on the requirements of the circuit, when different insulating values are needed. Although, FR-4 material is used most of the time, but there are other components as well, some of which include CEM-3 FR-1, Teflon or CEM-1. There are different techniques to manufacture this PCB. The most common method applied is patterning or etching. The copper layer present on either side of the substrate must be bonded.

PCB is widely used because of its excellent features. It is smaller in size compared to other circuits. This equipment reduces the usage of wires. Thus, it improves the get up of the final circuit besides increasing its durability. If you buy them in bulk then you can expect to get them at reasonable prices.

In order to ensure a higher level of safety and security there has been an increase in the use of electronic gadgets and applications that make sure that the requirements of the PCB boards are met in a hassle free manner. Nowadays, besides the industries, households are also well aware about the significance of this circuit board.

There are many manufacturers and suppliers available online who offer fine quality printed circuited boards. You can place the order online and the ordered item will be delivered at your doorstep. Make sure that you make the purchase from a reputed source. A reputed supplier always provides genuine and good quality product.

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Essential Cloud Computing Tools For Legal Professionals

The mention of cloud computing to most lawyers will only draw a blank stare. Although may law firms make use of cloud computing tools, many of the lawyers who depend on these tools for efficiency are unaware that they are making use of cloud computing. There are many cloud computing services that law firms can’t simply do without. The list below provides a brief description of some of these essential tools.


Collecting data is an important part of practicing law. Lawyers have to learn how to take notes and organize information in a logical way. Evernote is one of the leading note taking and organizational tools available today. This tool not only allows you to take notes while on the go but also to capture and store information such as audio files, video clips and photos. There are plugins that can allow you to clip entire websites and store them for reference later.

The tool can be installed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs. This means that information you collect on your smart phone while on the go will appear on your PC when you get back to your office.


If you are a lawyer on the go, you probably store a lot of information on various devices including your smartphone, laptop and PC. Synchronizing the information on these different devices can be difficult and may result in your using or providing inaccurate information or losing some data. Dropbox allows you to synchronize information across various devices. You simply have to drag the files that you want to keep up to date into the drop box folder on your primary machine and give permission to edit on other devices. Any time you edit the documents, they are updated on other devices.


Communicating with clients or associates that are geographically inaccessible can be a challenge even with mobile phones and emails. Skype allows you to call clients and talk to them through videoconferencing. You can even share your desktop with other users and therefore view files together. The tool also allows you to send instant messages. The best part is that the tool is absolutely free. However, additional features such as calling non-Skype phones may attract a fee.

Rocket Matter

This is a cloud computing tool that was specially designed for use by lawyers. This ingenious tool helps lawyers in case and client management. The tool keeps track of phone messaging, calendar appointments and various other aspects necessary for tracking cases. The tool allows lawyers to bill their clients and send invoices to them online greatly reducing the time required for paperwork in client management.

There are several other cloud computing tools available. Many of these tools are free and others are quite affordable. Cloud computing tools allow you to access information from anywhere while ensuring that the information is kept up to date at all times. It is definitely worth your while to invest in a cloud computing tool and learn how to use it effectively to improve your law practice.

Seven Significant Web Designing Elements That Make a Website Extraordinary!

The cyber space has become a very strong mode for the dissemination of various types of information, since the last two decades. You can indulge yourself in different forms of entertainment, including movies and games, with the help of the internet. If you know how to browse through the internet, you will find out that there are numerous types of online sites, including the entertainment online sites and the trade websites. The web designing companies always try to hire the services of skillful web designing professionals. The web designing professionals pattern the various features of the websites with a lot of patience. Every small detail of the different websites is designed with a lot of care by the experienced professionals. The small details of the online sites are what make them awesome and differentiate them from the ordinary ones. The website designing professionals work as a team and they discuss amongst themselves and with the clients, before they start working on a project. This helps them understand, what exactly they need to do.

Seven Significant Web Designing Elements That Make a Website Extraordinary!

The professionals cannot ignore seven key online site designing elements, while patterning the websites. The elements include:

1. Forms in the online sites: As a website designer, you need to seriously consider the form configurations. Online forms play a vital role in converting online visitors into online customers. So, you must design and plan the forms in such a manner that they can be used properly by the online visitors. The form labels and the colors, branding and images, incorporated in the forms must be of the top notch quality.


2. Links present in the online sites: Designing the different forms of links is a basic task. But, you as a web designer must never ignore the extra details of the links, while patterning them. The hover, active, visited and normal links must be designed with a lot of care.


3. Form validation processes: This is a very important sector of web designing, which the online site designers must attend to. The websites convey the user requirements and the mistakes committed in the forms. So, if this is not designed properly, the online visitors can face a lot of problems. JQuery helps a lot in the designing of the forms, which facilitate the users with real-time validation.


4. Behavior of the Buttons: As a web designer, you need to design the website buttons in such a manner that they function efficiently. Otherwise it can be quite confusing for the online site visitors or users. The types of the buttons, including hover, default, disabled and click have their specialized functions, which you need to understand properly before designing them.


5. The online site background needs to be extended on the larger screen: This is of paramount importance, as the backgrounds of many websites, which are made complicated due to the usage of gradients and imageries, can create a problem for the online site visitors. The web designers need to enhance the pixel quality or value of the baseline.


6. Status messages, including that for errors, warnings, confirmations and others: The proper patterning of the features help the users get the feedback of using the websites effectively.


7. Effective animations: Interesting and efficient animations are very significant features of any website. The website designers need to pattern the pop-ups, transitions and tooltips for the online sites competently, so that the online sites they design become very eye catching.


You can never afford to ignore the above-mentioned seven features or elements of the online sites as a web designer, because if you do so then the website, you design will be of substandard quality and your clients will not enjoy the benefits of owning the websites.


Post by: Kimberly Littleton has been working as web design expert in a reputed firm. She loves blogging on her expertise regularly and suggests us to follow HTML5 Web Design IDE for better understanding.


The origins of chromatography

Chromatography is a scientific technic that has changed the industrial and scientific world during the last century. Therefore maybe 1% of the population knows what it exactly deals with. One uses chromatography in a large amount of companies from many different fields: industry, laboratory, gas production, environmental control agency, pharmaceutical industry but also food companies. The story of chromatography is very recent and we can find the first traces of this technic in the early XIXth century. Many talented scientists made the story of chromatography but most of them remain unknown. Here is a brief post to pay tribute to those great but unknown scientists.

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Why Use Web 2.0 Backlinks For A Site

Web 2.0 Backlinks are considered very useful in getting traffic to a site. Backlinks are the key basis for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Backlinks are also known as incoming links or inbound links. Backlinks for a site can be gained from many ways such as through discussion boards, forums, internet sites, profile websites, weblogs etc. Even if you have good content for your website, you may not get much traffic for it unless you don’t bring your site in top 5 search engine results. These results have to be for particular key phrases or keywords which are relevant to your site. Link Building is actually a very exhaustive and slow task, but it is important for getting more traffic and high page ranking to a site.


Needless to mention though, Web 2.0 is a very useful and easy way to get backlinks for a site. This is one of the successful and proven ways of getting higher site ranking. There are different types of backlinks which you can use for your site like one way backlinks, do follow backlinks, backlinks from different domains, backlinks from different web hosts etc. Search engines never ignore them; in fact they always follow these all types of backlinks. Therefore one of the best ways to create these backlinks for your site is to post articles on Web 2.0 sites. Some of the right places to start with it are Squidoo, Hubpages, and Blogger etc. These are the Web 2.0 sites which always get high traffic to their websites each day from people who are always in search of good content to read and write on.

Why Web 2.0 Backlinks

Some of the newbie web masters still wonder on the advantages of posting to Web 2.0 sites.  The answer is that if you explore internet, you will find the page rank of all Web 2.0 sites higher than the others. As soon as you submit a blog or article to Web 2.0 sites with one link, it will bring traffic to your site. Also your post comes in the eyes of all prime search engines because you  have published new and fresh content regarding your website on the internet.

The page rank of all Web 2.0 sites are usually higher. However there are some pages on Web 2.0 sites that might have 0 page rank. But the fact is that by publishing your articles or blogs on any of these kinds of Web 2.0 sites, you will enable your website for getting more authority. The only thing you should keep in mind while posting to Web 2.0 is to provide high quality articles or blogs with unique contents. After publishing some articles to these sites you will get higher page rank of your post because you have some backlinks for each post. These relevant backlinks like social media , blog comments etc bookmark your post on well liked websites.

Sometime Web2.0 sites take time to build high quality backlinks for your posts, but once you get web 2.0 backlinks for your site, huge amount of traffic starts coming to your products or services.

An Introduction To The World Of EPOS Software

EPOS software is used on a computer-based electronic point of sale system that allows you to facilitate a selection of different operations at a checkout counter. By offering the owner of the point of sale system the ability to complete duties including stock control, monthly reporting and advanced sales transactions, EPOS software becomes useful since it basically automates what has been traditionally completed by staff. Because of this, EPOS software is an amazing tool for any business as it can help to improve efficiency by making tasks far more easy to complete – and this, naturally, can certainly benefit productivity and sales.

eposShould all retail establishments utilize POS software? It is very important point out that although this software has numerous significant advantages, it is rather expensive and therefore is not a viable option for all organizations. After all, you might end up paying more for EPOS retail software than what you earn, draining your organization of profits and that is not a good thing. When your business generates an annual income of around $700,000 or more, then, as stated by internet auction giant, you will more than likely do well from having a point of sale terminal. Implementing manual operations management will provide a much better return on investment if your salary is below this threshold. But bare in mind that there is a huge variety of point of sale systems out there, so there is a chance that there is an option out there that can provide a more tailored solution. Because the majority of systems are designed for big businesses, this will lead smaller firms to miss out on smaller and potentially profitable solutions.

You’ll notice different EPOS software and systems out there, the most well-liked companies associated with their development of which are IBM, Fujitsu, Panasonic, MICROS Systems, Squirrel Systems, Microinvest, and Radiant Systems. The hardware which usually comes with a point of sale terminal includes a credit card reader, bar code scanner, cash drawer, card swiper (with pin pad), as well as a receipt printer. The system will also need a network (usually internet-based) which can operate on a wired or wireless systems.

EPOS software and systems can vary a great deal in price because there are so many different types – from simple to advanced. Price differences are mainly guided by the brand you are interested in, as well as the specific components of a system. For instance, a more elaborate EPOS system obviously is often more expensive when compared with a basic one. A solid system will generally set you back between $2000 and $7000. If you have to work with a budget, don’t hesitate to shop around for a cheaper seller offering discounted EPOS systems because you can bring the purchase price down to $1,500. The provider of a good point of sale system should be able to give you a great deal on EPOS software. Most of the time after buying the device, the company which you bought it from will be able to set it up too. Don’t forget to clarify though if installation is on the market for free or with an added charge.


Best 5 Video Streaming Apps for iPhone and iPad

video streaming

It is not difficult to watch videos if you take into consideration various high-ranking apps that are already accessible over the World Wide Web, iPhone and iPad. These top notch streaming video apps allow you to watch movies in high quality and with fastest possible speed. These apps allow you to watch and re-watch hundreds and thousands of movies, seasons of serials and shows, and so on. The Apple’s App Store contains all these apps for its worldwide users. You may choose these apps just according to the country in which you reside as the licenses of some apps may be specific to certain countries only.

Here are the best 5 streaming video apps:

1) Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus allows you to watch the most popular series and shows like Modern Family, Glee, Community, The Simpsons, The Vampire Diaries, Family guy, classic series and many other movies and shows. It lets you resume watching movies whenever you like and wherever you left it off last time. It also allows you to use the topnotch networks using warless, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks by using iPhones and iPads. It is one of the best apps for TV lovers. You have to pay only $7.99 per month to download this app. Go for it now and enjoy excitement that its offers.

2) Netflix

Netflix hosts thousands of movies and shows for the iPhone and iPad users. It is accessible in just $7.99 per month and you can easily download it so that to run the shows of your choice. It is built-in in some gaming systems and, if not, you may install it pretty easily from the World Wide Web. You may enjoy using the programs like House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, Arrested Development, Orange, etc. It is one of the best streaming sites where people may come to watch their favorite and hit shows.

3) Funny Or Die

Funny Or Die allows you to watch TV shows and movies on your iPads and iPhones. It is a gorgeous alternative to some traditional apps that people use for the purpose of streaming. This site contains videos relating to John C. Reilly, Will Ferrell, and many other comedians. It contains skits including Between Two Ferns, Drunk History, etc. If you want to use it, just download it from the World Wide Web and enjoy watching its funny videos.

4) YouTube

YouTube is the world famous streaming video application that is the number one software to watch videos of various kinds. It is equally liked on all types of computing devices and smartphones; Apple is no exception in this regard. It contains high amount of video content of varying types and people like to have it on their iPhones and iPads. Movies, series, serials, game shows, shows, short films, etc, are accessible through its database. It is free of cost and you do not have to pay for it. Go for it now.

5) Squrl

Squrl is available on the World Wide Web and you can easily find it from there by just surfing the web. This streaming video player allows you to watch and download hit videos. When you enter its dashboard, you find a number of ways to find out the videos of your choice. You may also connect it with the social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. It not only uses its own database, it also extracts the required videos from other streaming video sources including CNN, Netflix, ESPN, YouTube, Hulu, CollegeHumor, Vimeo, etc. You may easily watch and download internet videos by downloading this app on your Smartphone device.

Thus, the above mentioned best 5 streaming video apps let you watch and download videos on your smartphones and other mobile devices. These are not the only apps that you may download, there are rather many other apps also and you may use anyone of these just as per your requirements. The main purpose of all these apps is to let you watch movies of varying kinds in a straightforward manner and you may watch these movies without any problem around.

Go for one of the above mentioned streaming video apps and enjoy your life!

How Does Network Access Control Work?

One thing that is often used but not completely understood is a network access control. Network access control, or NAC, is basically a computer networking solution which uses a set of specific protocols in order to define and implement policies dealing with controlling access to a network. There are network nodes in devices that find and access a network. But companies, businesses, and individual network administrators don’t want just anyone being able to access their network at any given point. This is where a network access management system comes into play.

How Does It Work?

To put things simply, computers and other devices are not allowed to access a network unless they meet the individual policies of a business. Many businesses require an anti-virus protection level met and a system update level in order to allow access. This way the network is protected from threats that are common when there are a lot of different computers and devices seeking access. While a computer is being checked to see if the policies are met with a software agent, it resolves any issues that are found immediately. Once everything defined by the NAC system is met, the user is then allowed access.

Even after access is granted to a network, there are still other policies and controls put into place that dictate where the user is allowed to go within that network. For instance, someone in the Human Resource department are given a certain profile that allows that user access to areas others are not such as employee information. Many businesses allow users from a department to only view their department information as well.

Using NAC is also possible with a wireless network. Not everyone is wired in, especially with the use of devices increasing. It may slow down the speed of the internet a bit, but this just means employers need to find a balance between their policies and making sure their speeds are enough that productivity stays up.

What Does Network Access Control Do and Why Get It?

The first and main goal of this is just like the name states- to control any access to a network. This is accomplished through policies that include pre-admission endpoint security policy checks and some post-admission controls over users and devices with where on the network they can go and what they can do.

Another function of the NAC is to help in the security area of the network. As specified before, users must meet minimum requirements that ensure they won’t contaminate the network through virus. The end-stations are equipped to prevent this from happening with antivirus, host intrusion prevention software, and patches. When a network becomes infected, cross-contamination is entirely possible through what is called computer worms.

Conventionally IP networks will enforce their access policies with IP addresses. NAC does it differently with identities that are authenticated user identities. This is especially true of user end-stations like desktop computers and laptops. Some businesses, colleges, and universities will use their NAC systems to ban legal and illegal file sharing applications.

3D Model Software In Medical Training

Once upon a time, to understand the make-up and function of the human body, just to observe its normal, healthy function, let alone to identify cause and effect of disease or injury, a medical practitioner had to cut the body open just to see its organs and bones and other tissue. This observation, however, usually meant the death of the subject, so those practicing the medical arts worked with cadavers. This practice continues today.

However, modern medicine has been able to access the interior of the human body and observe functions in a living being because we are able to sustain life with various technologies not possible in antiquity. The problem with that method is that there are not enough living humans who need such surgical procedures just to educate medical practitioners in their healing arts. The sanctity of human life is too precious to ask thousands of individuals to surrender to the knife at a cost no one wants to bear.

Fortunately, the advent of 3D model software has come to the rescue of educators and students alike. The ability to render not just individual organs and other tissues, but to combine them into one single, comprehensive model of the entire human body is virtually miraculous to the student of even twenty or thirty years ago.

But the abilities of 3D model software exceed that. It is also possible to render and visually manipulate position and orientation of any organ as a solid or as a shell model. It is possible to render several organs together that function as a complex system, such as the heart and lungs, or the mouth and stomach, the brain and nervous system, the entire circulatory, respiratory, nervous, digestive, or reproductive systems.

Better yet, these systems can be animated, such that we can observe the beating heart, the breathing lungs, or muscular action. A medical teacher can show a student the entire function of the heart in real time or in slow motion or accelerated motion. Factors such as fluid pressure and viscosity can be added to the model to demonstrate vascular blood flow.  Factors of tissue density and range of motion can be added to the model, then animated to demonstrate heart muscle contraction and relaxation. Factors of stress on the heart by external influences such as heavy breathing, or excessive body weight can be added to observe those effects on the heart.

The miracle continues. A CAT-scan will show an organ, or the entire human body. If there is an observed tumor in the brain, for example, the CAT-scan showing the tumor can be converted in 3D model software that can then be manipulated to show the surgeon the best, most accurate and least invasive and potentially destructive path to the tumor to eradicate or extract it.

All this is possible in 3D model software without requiring a single body or scalpel, but it is all based on the pioneering efforts of those who depended on those tools to establish the parameters by which the human body functions.

Essential Apps for Freelance Business Management


Managing your own freelance business can be a daunting task, especially you are the sole person responsible for designing, marketing, invoicing, emailing and all the other tasks involved in running a business. Even so, having the right tools can propel your freelance business to not just mere success, but greater success. The following are some essential apps for freelance business management that can help you accomplish great things within a short time: -


If you are looking for an app that can take the stress and intimidation out of your bookkeeping, then FreshBooks is the app to go for. It’s a helpful accounting tool that is superbly designed to handle all financial matters including taxes, online invoicing, accounting reports, expense tracking and time tracking etc. You can also utilize this app from anywhere you may be. It accepts more than a dozen payment types including PayPal and credit card payments. This is an app that has you covered in all financial aspects of your freelance business.



In these modern times, people have realized that hard drives aren’t enough anymore to satisfy their data-saving needs. They have opted to take advantage of cloud computing services, which have proved to be more convenient. This is exactly where Smartimage comes in. This is an asset management application that enables users to store and share individual files as well as entire file collections with their clients. It also gives them the ability to share files in the size and format that they need.


Remember the Milk

This is an essential app that helps users to better manage their time. If you usually get multiple inquiries per week, you have probably realized that it can be a bit confusing to keep track of everyone who emailed you and determine whether you need to contact them. Remember the Milk is an online app that will help you a great deal in organizing your to-do-list. With this app, you will know what tasks need to be done and by what deadline.



When running a freelance business, it is your obligation to show your prospective clients exactly what you do and how you can help them achieve their goals. There is no better way of showcasing your abilities than with presentations. SlideShare is a remarkable app that is made specially for showcasing presentations, and it will undoubtedly help you to show off your talent and all your past work. It can help you to share presentations, embed presentations on your websites and access them online to sue at your convenience.



The success of your business will rely greatly on the customer relationships that you build. The better you get to know your customers and clients, the better your freelance business will be. Rapportive is an essential app that is designed for the purpose of enhancing customer relationships. It displays everything related to your customers in your inbox. The information displayed includes the location and occupation of all your customers.



This is an app that works well on just about any device, from the desktop and regular phone handset built for Skype to Android and iOS. A huge number of freelancers spend a lot of time communicating by instant message rather than by voice, and Skype makes a great substitute for most of the other messaging services. It can enable you to make free calls to other Skype users and cheap calls around the globe. This is a cost effective app that will enable you to keep in touch with your esteemed customers at all times.



This is an essential app that comes with intuitive, unobtrusive time-tracking tools that are suited for a variety of platforms. It is designed to make invoicing quick and easy. You will get paid more Paymo, especially if you bill by the hour. This is because this app will help you to capture your time and bill for it more easily and readily.

It is important for you to note that, no matter how great an app for freelance business management is, it won’t pay off if you don’t use it properly. It is advisable for you to take advantage of the free trials that most tools provide so that you can determine if an app is the right fit for managing your specific business. This will not only save you time, but it will impress your customers as well.


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